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Barry’s Place – Eco-Lodge

We have chosen a Permaculture design method  here at the lodge as its ethics and principals are aligned with and strengthen that of eco-tourism. “Care of the earth, care of its people”.  Our aim is to create a system that is ecologically sound and economically viable. It provides for its own needs, does not exploit or pollute and is therefore sustainable in the long term. We are  “Working with, rather than against nature.”


We have re-vegetated with native species, while minimising excavation and disturbance to ground cover.


The lodge has used appropriate traditional construction techniques and locally sourced sustainable building materials such as bamboo and lontar palm that is only cut seasonally (April to June). All local materials and trades people have been, and continue to be employed throughout the construction, with transference of skills and cultural appropriateness always at the forefront. Each team of builders has two or three apprentices who are trained in the traditional building techniques.

Clean drinking water and a reliable distribution system have always been a problem.  We aim to model and implement water conservation methods: grey water from kitchen and bathrooms, composting toilets, small sinks, bucket/camp showering and laundry services.


The lodge uses minimal energy by adopting and incorporating the following measures in the design processes: natural ventilation and breezeways, natural lighting in daylight hours, low heat absorption roofing (grass thatch) solar panels for lighting and low wattage electrical needs (12volt fans and phone charging).

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