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Guest Information:

Accommodation Costs (As of 1st July 2022)
Cabin accommodation: US$50.00 per person per night. Cost includes 3 meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner) tea, coffee, and snacks. Cabins are of varying sizes. (Single, couple or family cabin sizes available.)

Children 4 to 12 years old are US$25.00 each. Cost includes 3 meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Children under 4 years old are free.

Accommodation costs as of July 1st, 2023 will be US$55.00 per person per night (13 years and up) Cost includes 3 meals daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner) tea, coffee. 

Children 4 to 12 years old are US$27.50 each per night. Cost includes 3 meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Children under 4 years old are free.

Guest Meals
Guests are invited to join us for buffet style meals in the restaurant at the following times:

  • Breakfast 7.00 am

  • Lunch 12.00 pm

  • Dinner 7.00 pm

Complimentary coffee, tea, bread, snacks and water [not bottled) are available for guests at any time.

Picnic lunches are available on request for those undertaking day excursions. Should you require a picnic hamper you will need to notify staff the evening before the planned excursion.
Please note that there will be no discount for guests dining out at the local Italian restaurant or with fiiends. For hygiene reasons and the lack of cooking fuel, self-catering is not permitted at the lodge.
Should you not wish to eat in, would you please notify staff to help minimise waste of precious food.

Day Trippers
Day trippers can purchase meals for the following prices:

  • Breakfast $ 3.00

  • Lunch $ 7.00

  • Dinner $ 7.00

  • Morning or Afternoon Teas $ 3.00

Please note Day Trippers who purchase meals are welcome to share the complimentary coffee, tea, snacks and use of the lodge facilities.

Check Out Time
Please note that check out time is 10.00 am. Guests are welcome to leave bags at reception until their transport arrives.
If you require lunch, after your 10am check-out, a fee of $7.50 per person is charged (includes tea, coffee, snacks, lunch and use of the lodge facilities)

Late Check-out Guests [3pm]
Late check-out guests are welcome to stay and use the lodge facilities until an afternoon departure. (normally around 2pm-3pm)

The Extra Day with 3pm check-out (if the cabin has no booking) incurs a $15.00 cost per person (includes tea, coffee, snacks, lunch, 3pm cabin check-out and use of the lodge facilities).

For catering purposes, please inform Front of House staff if an extra lunch is required.

Cold Drinks
Cold drinks are available from the refrigerators in the restaurant area. Please remember to keep a tally on the sheet on top of the grey refrigerator. Guests are welcome to leave personal items that need refrigerating in any of the refrigerators. (Please place separate from the lodges items for sale.)

  • Beer  $3.50                          

  • Large water  $1.50                

  • Soft drinks/juices  $1.00                       

  • Coconuts, coke zero, tonic water $1.50

  • Red wine $15.00 bottle 

All used aluminium cans are collected and sent to Dili for recycling. The Lodge encourages free water refills. The locals recycle plastic and glass bottles, using them for seed and coconut oil storage, as well as floats for their Seaweed farming.

Camp Fires

Due to fire hazards (thatched roofs and bamboo) camp fires are not permitted within the lodge grounds or on the beach immediately in front of the lodge.

The swimming is great directly in front of the lodge particularly in the high tide range when you can avoid the sea grass. There are no recent records of any nasties in the sea around the lodge such as sharks, crocodiles, jelly fish or stone fish. However, care should be taken as there is a strong cross current at times, and guests should not attempt to swim out to the reef — it is a long way back in a cross current! For those who do not want to take the boat to the reef they can view some coral and fish close to the beach on the southern side of the jetty.


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