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Getting Here :

These are the options to get to, and from, Atauro: Updated 1st June, 2024

Ferry/barge options:                                 PLEASE NOTE!

There are now 3 scheduled, Ferry services operating this year to Atauro:   

Tuesdays -'Success'  ferry/barge 

Thursdays and Saturdays - 'Dragon' Fast ferry 

Saturdays -  'Success' ferry/barge ('Nakroma' Public ferry  is currently under maintenance)

Tuesdays (and Saturdays temporarily)

1. 'Success' Ferry/Barge runs twice  a week, every Tuesday and Saturday, departing Dili port at 8am (3 hour travel time) and departing Atauro at 2.30pm to return to Dili. Tickets can be purchased on the day just 50 metres inside the main gate at the port in Dili. Cost is US$5.00 per person. Children 8 years of age and under are free. Our staff can assist with the purchase of the return ticket Atauro -Dili when on Atauro.

'Success Ferry from Atauro Island to Dili, Timor-Leste' is a 3 minute YouTube blog by Jonty (a NZ expat in Dili) with great visuals and and explanation of the Success Ferry!

Thursdays and Saturdays

2. 'Dragon' Fast Ferry operated by Dragon Star Shipping, now runs twice a week on Thursdays & Saturdays, departing from Dili port at 8am (1 hour 15 minute travel time) and departs Atauro after loading passengers from anytime around 12 noon. It generally leaves whenever it wants to, due to weather conditions. This makes day trips difficult to plan unless the weather is good! Atauro is the only place in Timor-Leste where transport leaves before its actual scheduled departure time! Normally (tongue in cheek) the Dragon fast ferry loads at 2pm for a 3pm departure. Cost is US$12.00 per person (VIP) upstairs or US$10.00 per person (economy) downstairs. Children 8 years of age and under are free. Tickets can be bought on the day as you board the ferry or from the Dragon Star Shipping office in Colmera opposite the port, near the Drive Thru Burger King and Gloria Jeans. Our staff can assist with the purchase of the return ticket Atauro -Dili when on Atauro.

'Ferries to Atauro Island' is a 3 minute YouTube blog by Jonty (a NZ expat in Dili) with great visuals and explanation of the Dragon Fast Ferry!

Saturdays (Not operating due to maintenance schedule)

3. The 'Nakroma' Ferry (Government operated Ferry) -runs once a week, every Saturday (2 hr 15 min travel time) and departs Dili port at 8:00am and departs at 3:00pm from Atauro to return to Dili. Tickets are available directly from Dili Port prior to departure. Cost is USD $4.00 per person. Children 10 years and under are free. Our staff can assist with the purchase of the return ticket Atauro -Dili when on Atauro.


Fast boat/Water Taxi/charter options:

1. Atauro Dive Resort - Phone/WhatsApp Voka & Safi (+670)77386166 to discuss if boat is available and travel details etc. Cost is US$70.00 per person each way. (not a regular service)

2. Beloi Beach Hotel Water Taxi - Phone/WhatsApp Mia (+670) 77292222 Cost is USD$75.00 per person each way (ages 11 years old and up) Children (5 -10 years of age) $40.00 each way. Children 4 years old and under are free. Departs Dili at 8am from the Marine Police compound (UPM)  near Largo Lecidere, arriving between 9am-9:30am. Departs Atauro 10:30am or 2pm depending on bookings. Please call for departure times and boat charter options. Contact :

3. Compass Diving - Phone/WhatsApp (+670)77230965 Cost is US$70.00 one way per person (12 years and up) and US$130.00 return per person. Children 5 - 12 years cost is US$60.00 one way and US$110 return. Children 4 years and under are free. Compass departs Dili at 7:30am arriving at approximately 9:00am and departs Atauro at 9:30am or 3:00pm back to Dili depending on their dive schedule. 

To charter a Compass boat the cost is US$140 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours

Contact Compass Diving on: 


New Flight option :                   (Monday. Wednesday, Friday)           


Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) 

(Timor-Leste's non-profit Air Ambulance)


MAF Flights Dili-Atauro-Dili 

(Departs Dili - Monday 7.30am, Wednesday 12 noon, Friday 4.30pm)

(Departs Atauro - Monday 8.10am, Wednesday 12.50pm, Friday 5.10pm)

Adults US$80.00,

Children (max 50kg) US$55.00,

Infants (Under 3 or max 15kg) US$5.00

Chartered MAF flight US$550.00

Your air fare helps subsidise MAFs humanitarian work in Timor-leste

(as well as support Atauro's local tourism association ATKOMA)

Special rates available for NGOs and Timorese customers


These flights can now be booked directly, or by Barry's Place Atauro via MAF's e-ticket system. (Passengers full name and WhatsApp number are required for booking)

Call /message the MAF Office direct via Whatsapp +670 75151515 or +670 77327771

1. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) - MAF have a fleet of 2 x GA8 Airvan 7 seater aircraft and run a service from Dili international airport to Atauro airstrip 3 days per week. 

Please note if the aircraft has an emergency medivac to attend to, there may be delays in your flight times. 

Baggage allowance is hand-carry only, and must not weigh more than 10kg per person. Excess luggage may be pre-booked at US$2.00 per kg. US$5.00 per kg and carried standby only if not pre-booked.

Getting to Timor-Leste:


From Darwin: Airnorth fly Mon, Wed, Fri to Dili from Darwin, see their website for details:

From Darwin: Qantas fly daily to Dili from Darwin, see their website: 

From Bali: Citilink and Sriwijaya fly from Bali to Dili, visit or

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