Getting Here:

These are your options to get to, and from, Atauro:


Ferry/barge options: (Both Ferries temporarily not operating. The 'Atauro Express' Ferry randomly runs on Saturday when chartered and is hit or miss!)


1. 'Berlin Nakroma' (Government operated Ferry) -The Nakroma ferry runs once a week, every Saturday, departing from Dili port at 8:00am and departs at 3:00pm from Atauro to return to Dili. Tickets are available directly from Dili Port on the Friday prior to departure 7.30am - 12 noon. Cost is USD $4.00 per person


2. 'Success' Barge operated by Dragon Star shipping, 'Success' barge runs once a week also, every Thursday, departing Dili port at 8am and departs Atauro at 2.30pm to return to Dili. Tickets are available at their Dili office next to Gloria Jeans cafe in Colmera Dili, directly opposite the port. Cost is US$5.00 per person

Fast boat/charter options:

3. Beloi Beach Hotel Water Taxi - Phone Mia (+670) 77292222 Neyl (+670) 75583421 Cost is USD$45.00 per person. Departs Dili at 8am from the Marine Police compound (UPM)  near Largo Lecidere, arriving between 9am-9:30am. Departs Atauro 10:30am or 2pm depending on bookings. Please call for departure times and boat charter options. Contact :

4. Compass Diving - Phone (+670)77230965 Cost is US$60.00 one way per person, US$100.00 return per person. Departs Dili at 7:30am arriving at approximately 9:00am and departs Atauro at 9:30am or 3:00pm back to Dili depending on their dive schedule. 

Contact Compass Diving on:

5. Atauro Dive Resort - Phone Voka & Safi (+670)77386166 to discuss if boat is available and travel details etc. Cost is US$45.00 per person each way. 

6. A1 Services Boat charters - Phone Eddie (+670)77230607 to arrange travel details and costs.

Flight Charter option: (Charters limited due to Covid-19 restrictions and regulations)

7. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) - MAF run a light aircraft charter service from Dili international airport to Atauro when chartered, from Monday to Saturday. (Only medivac flights on Sunday. Please note if the aircraft has an emergency medivac to attend to, there may be delays in your flight times). 

Contact: (670) 7732 7771

Getting to Timor-Leste:


From Darwin: Airnorth fly daily to Dili from Darwin, see their website for details:


From Singapore: Air Timor fly 3 times per week to Dili from Singapore, visit:


From Bali: Citilink and Sriwijaya fly daily flights from Bali to Dili, visit or